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{happy new year – on creativity & breaks}

January 6, 2014

my dearest of dears…
i have thought about this next step – a lot. and finally, it’s time to take it.
i will go on a creative break, not knowing how long this will take.
as most of you i have thought a lot about new year’s resolutions lately and a lovely colleague send me this next quote on my b-day a couple of days ago…

homebound*theheartoflife - brad paisley quote

i feel like i need to get out more, take on new adventures, get the creative juices flowing again. i want to learn more about my camera, take on classes, paint some pictures, sew some awesome things and most of all meet friends more often without having this little project / this beloved blog of mine in my head constantly.
but hey, you never know i might be back pretty fast…

to stay in contact you can follow me on my instagram account, my pinterest page or to not miss the “i’m back post” you can still follow this blog {see the button on the right hand side and leave your email address}.

i will miss this all & you! xo

{what are you doing new year’s eve?}

December 31, 2013


i feel like 2013 went by in a hurry and i’m crossing my fingers for 2014 – setting my hopes a bit higher.

wishing you all a good start into 2014! xo

{24. window // christmas time is here}

December 24, 2013

homebound*theheartoflife - adventskalender 2013

it’s christmas eve today, children in germany are getting their presents tonight… and what can i say more? have yourself a very merry one. xo.

mayer hawthorne

{23. window // the big city at christmastime}

December 23, 2013

homebound*theheartoflife - adventskalender 2013

remember last year? i went to new york city right before christmas. and it was great, even though there wasn’t any snow there still was a christmasy vibe… but how can it not be with all the christmas decorations? i wish i would have gone this year, too… here are some impressions.
have you gotten into the christmas mood with this little blog of mine? tomorrow is the big pre-day {at least in germany}. xo

homebound*theheartoflife - new york 2012 - daytime

homebound*theheartoflife - new york 2012 - a night

{22. window // little christmas carollers – a poem}

December 22, 2013

homebound*theheartoflife - adventskalender 2013


{21. window // father christmas}

December 21, 2013

homebound*theheartoflife - adventskalender 2013

if you have a bit of time – i know it’s hard these days… go watch it… father christmas by raymond briggs

{20. window // lemon curd cookies – a recipe}

December 20, 2013

homebound*theheartoflife - adventskalender 2013

and a super easy cookie recipe – again. but i swear it will be the last for this season. cookies are the best. and they make me happy.
we only have a couple of days left to christmas. are you excited yet?
have a good start into the weekend… xo.

homebound*theheartoflife - lemon curd cookies - 1

homebound*theheartoflife - lemon curd cookies

homebound*theheartoflife - lemon curd cookies - recipe

{recipe is from german magazine living at home – spezial}


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